About Midway Am/Can

Midway Am/Can Home Owners, Inc. is a cooperative of mobile home owners. We are located on Hwy. Alt.19 in Largo, Florida between Clearwater and St. Petersburg. We are a Florida For-Profit Corporation & 55+ Florida Cooperative Association.
Property & Facility

Before purchasing or renting (short-term) a unit in Midway Am/Can, prospective owners and renters must have a criminal check done. This will be initiated by Midway Am/Can as part of your application process. Prospective owners are also required to have a credit check. Once these have been completed and the results are deemed acceptable, the purchase/rental will be approved by the Board of Directors. Only seasonal rentals are permitted and may not exceed 6 months in duration. Any and all financing connected to the purchase/rental is the responsibility of the person(s) initiating the process. Please note that we are a park for residents 55 years of age and older only. We are also a “No Pet” park. (Any, and all, listings shown are posted at the request of the shareholder. Midway Am/Can accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or legalities of any listing.)  Please check our our Frequently Asked Questions under the "Contact Us" tab on this website.

A complete set of Bylaws and Rules & Regulations will be made available to those persons who are seriously considering becoming a part of our community.

Midway Am/Can Property & Facilities